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Since 1960, L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) has been catering to the agriculture sector with a wide range of low motor protection solutions for pumps that help farmers in reliable and efficient irrigation.

Our wide range of Direct On-Line (DOL) Starter, Star-Delta Starters, Single Phase & Three Phase variants are the ideal choice for agricultural pumping applications. Available for up to 35 HP pumps, the starters are designed to operate agriculture motors efficiently while offering reliable protection.

The 3 phase Starters along with SPPR (single phasing protection relay) provide overload protection, protection from phase unbalance, single phasing, and phase reversal failures. The compact enclosure protects against dust, humidity and insects and is suitable for hot and humid environments.

Easy to connect and operate, our Motor Starters are widely acceptable among farmers for individual pumping systems.


  • Best in class silver contacts providing an electrical life of 1 million operations
  • Dust, moisture and vermin proof enclosure make it capable for all types of outdoor applications
  • Can be used in wide range of applications such as flour mills, stone crusher industries etc
  • Can withstand wide range of voltage fluctuations and hence suitable for agricultural applications

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