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As the name suggests, Final Distribution Products find their applications at the last stage of electricity distribution. The product range from L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) consists of protection devices (such as MCBs, RCCBs), host of control and monitoring devices (Isolators, Modular Indicators etc.) and different types of Distribution Boards. These products are largely used in Residential, Commercial sectors and Industrial Panels.


E&A offers its range of Modular Devices – EXORA - to ensure a safe environment around you. Protection and Control devices offered in this range provide safely at your home and at your workplace. Salient features of this range - Quick Break Mechanism, True Contact Position Indicator, Energy Limiting Class 3, enhanced safety of human lives and precious belongings.

Further low watt loss of these products reduces the amount of electricity consumed and results into low electricity expense. Features such as Dual Termination and Two Position DIN clip provide flexibility and ease of operation.


Specially designed and developed Tripper range for residential and commercial installations assures absolute safety to human lives. The range includes MCBs, RCCBs, Isolators, EL + MCBs and select Distribution Boards.

Distribution Boards

One can add appeal to a wall with our new range of Distribution Boards. The Distribution Boards are perfect blend of superior aesthetics, contemporary feel and subtle presence that gels harmoniously with the décor.

E&A’s Distribution Board assortment is wide enough to take care of each and every customer requirement with its standard and customized offering. The specially designed product interface points offer- total safely, installation convenience and ease of operation and maintenance.


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