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We offer half panels and sub-cubicles for 11kV. The VCB is ‘draw out’ type and can be racked out directly on the floor. VCBs are type tested according to International Standards IEC-62271 at renowned laboratories. They are compact, safe and reliable. The sub-cubicle is VCB with its compartment having all safety interlocks. The half panel is an assembly of the medium voltage compartments except for low voltage compartment.


  • Sub-cubicle for system voltage 11kV and a short time current rating of 26.3kA
  • Half panel for system voltage 11kV and short time current rating of 26.3kA and 40kA
  • Half panel comes with an option of Copper/Aluminium bus-bar
  • VCB current rating up to 3150A
  • Provision of manual and electrical spring charging in VCB
  • Spring charging motor voltage 230V AC and 110V DC/220V DC
  • Closing/Tripping coil voltage 24V DC/110V DC/220V DC
  • VCB comes with inbuilt anti-pumping feature

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