Electrical distribution and control has to withstand the toughest tests of reliability. One of best examples of this reliability is solutions and products offered by L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A). Over six decades, E&A has understood the industry’s requirements for a stable electrical system and offered products and solutions that continue to seamlessly run and grow business. Design, technology, engineering, quality and service combine to form an architecture that meets specific needs of automation-driven electricity distribution and control solutions to industry verticals like oil & gas (upstream, midstream and downstream), power, infrastructure, water, ports, chemicals and metals.

These solutions are an embodiment of life protection and equipment safety, security and energy efficiency. E&A has translated research and critical marketing inputs into the compact design of its switchboards while addressing energy saving, safety (its features go beyond the prescribed standards), user convenience and flexibility to reconfigure the design.

With a wide range of products from the Medium Voltage (MV) range – AIS, GIS, RMU and Mobile Compact - from 13.1 kA to 50 kA, our design and development capability is backed by deep knowledge and a ‘sustainability consciousness’ to optimise the use of material and resources. Flexibility is another key capability that facilitates development of highly customized products and solutions while meeting the challenge of time and cost efficiency for different industry verticals.

The range in the Low Voltage (LV) includes Motor Control Centre, Power Control Centre and Numerical Protection Relays. The MCC type TQ has been designed to satisfy the most rigorous demands of modern industries. The Power Control Centre, with type TF, takes reliability and convenience to a higher level. This switchboard can withstand extreme conditions and provide greater safety, accessibility and ease of installation.

E&A’s protections relays – FCOMP and MCOMP - are answer to the world of motor protection. MCOMP, designed and manufactured in-house, is India’s first relay to be certified by Profibus International. It provides an affordable solution for automation through reduction of discrete components.

E&A’s switchgear components for the industry segment comprise power gear, control gear, metering with communication devices and energy management system. Its industrial automation solutions cover almost all verticals of industry. With decades of experience, E&A delivers value through systems design, application engineering, application software, documentation, commissioning and life cycle services to ensure consistently high performance. Our biggest strength is the ability to integrate different technology platforms like electrical, DCS, PLC, Drives, SCADA, instrumentation and telecom.

Further, E&A provides CT-operated meters for the purpose of tariff or check metering. These meters have optical and RS232 / RS485 communication ports and are supported by a versatile Base Computer Software which can be used for monitoring the data from these meters. E&A also offers a range of direct connected Three Phase and Single Phase meters, Panel meters & DIN meters which can be used for monitoring energy consumption of various sections of the industry for the purpose of cost allocations or energy management. These meters have different communication interfaces such as RS485 or Wi-Fi using which the data can be brought directly to the control room. The range of Power Factor Controllers can be used for monitoring power factor to ensure avoidance of penalty due to low power factor.

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