Training Program Descriptive Details

At L&T Electrical & Automation, we strongly believe that a motivated team and skilled workforce can deliver excellent results to an organization. In the business of switchgear manufacturing, we have been ahead of the curve in realizing that people are the prime movers and have extended a helping hand in skill-building by offering a wide selection of training programmes that will help enhance your knowledge and competencies in efficiently managing electrical systems.

We have a full-fledged workshop and the other required set-ups where participants can have a hands-on session on different LV, MV switchgear and automation products.

To know more about our tailored training programmes and courses, click on the respective programme code (LT## / W-LT##) in the table shown below:


Code “LT” represents training programme at STC &

Code “W-LT” represents a web-based training programme

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Program Code Program Name  
LT01 / W- LT01 Selection of LV Switchgear & Applications
LT02 Best Maintenance Practices in LV Switchgear
LT03 Breaker Maintenance Workshop - C Power ACB
LT04 Breaker Maintenance Workshop -Omega ACB
LT05 / W- LT05 Electrical Design of Switchgear Assembly
LT05-A / WLT05-A Electrical Design of Switchgear Assembly(Advanced)
LT06 / WLT06 Power Distribution in Buildings
LT07 / WLT07 Electrical Safety
LT08 / WLT08 Selection & Application of LV AC Drives
LT09 / W- LT09 Power Quality Solutions - Reactive Power & Harmonics Mitigation
LT09-A / W-LT09-A Advanced Power Quality Solutions-Reactive Power & Harmonic Mitigation
LT10 / WLT10 Selection And Maintenance of MV Switchgear (VCB)
LT11 / WLT11 Industrial Protection with Numerical Relays
LT12 / WLT12 Conservation & Management of Electrical Energy
LT13 / WLT13 Classification,Types & Requirement of System & Equipment Earthing
LT14 Introduction to Industrial Electrical Systems
LT15 / WLT15 Modernization of Plants & Trends in LV Switchgear
LT16 / WLT16 Industry 4.0 & Integrating Smart Switchgear
LT17 / WLT 17 Selection Protection And Maintenance of Transformer
LT18 / WLT18 Power Cable Selection,Laying & Testing
LT19 / WLT19 Switchgear Solution for PV-Solar Plant
LT20 / WLT20 Selection Of LV Switchgear For Motor Starter Feeders As per Type-2 Co-ordination
LT21 / WLT21 Selection of LV Switchgear for Power Distribution with Selectivity
LT22 / W-LT22 Design of Electrical Schemes for LV Switchgear Assembly