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L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) offers a complete range of Industrial Automation products for Industry, OEM and Utility segments with the largest reach in the country. We offer end-to-end solutions right from product to installation and commissioning through a network of channel partners.

Our range of products is reliable and flexible with energy saving capabilities. Our new generation AC Drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in AC Induction Motor control which help in saving energy and improving operational efficiency.

Apart from being application specific, our Drives provide total solution for utilities and complete the entire picture of the industry. Complete range of Soft Starters comes with high level of functionality.

Its total motor starting solution reduces electrical surges and improves mechanical life of the equipment. The XLB series family of modular programmable controllers delivers power and flexibility to equipment with a wide range of communication options.

The newest introduction to the family, HMI LnTouch, provides a fantastic visual interface between the human and the machine, which allows ease in operation of the process for factories.

The wide range of servo systems provides the perfect solution for applications involving precision, with the availability of a servomotor and the drive as a unit called servo-pack.

Each product in our range offers reliability, assurance and, is backed by prompt after-sales service through a network of service centres across the country.