Business Segments

Our offerings across products & projects span various industries and business segments, bringing to each a high level of customer focus and innovation.

  • Buildings

    Buildings today are much more than structures of concrete that house offices, residences and bear an address. They are intelligent entities that...

  • Industries

    Electrical distribution and control has to withstand the toughest tests of reliability. One of best examples of this reliability is solutions and...

  • Agriculture

    Agriculture has always been the backbone of India’s economy. It meets the vital requirements of food and nutrition security of people. This sector...

  • Residential

    Contemporary needs and aspirations have brought about several changes in society and given a new meaning to home. From being a place of shelter to...

  • Utilities

    L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) offers a range of products and solutions for electricity, gas, telecom, transport, elevators, and water & sewage...