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When you have stepped beyond the ordinary, every step you take elevates you. Every step is a switch up. Flawlessly flat and majestically minimal, Englaze would silently stay a testament to your taste, the life you lived and the world you built around you.


Key Features of Englaze:

  • Fabulously Flat Look - Englaze is designed to look flat from every angle. With super thin plates and carefully crafted switches, these do not bulge or clutter, they just stay pretty.
  • Smart Connectors -  Do not go searching for adapters now, plug in everything directly with smart connectors. HDMI, VGA, RCA, USB for data & charging and just about everything you need.
  • Glamorously Wide - The two module plates add glamour to your walls with its uniquely sleek and chic style.
  • Beautifully Bridgeless - Our design philosophy allows no room for gaps. Every element seamlessly flows into the next like a well-written poem.
  • Safety Shutters - Go ahead and let your children be mischievous. Every socket is carefully designed with safety shutters to keep them safe.
  • Indicative Regulators – Do not worry about fumbling with the regulators anymore, these beauties come with indicators that tell you exactly what speed it’s on. Plus it’s oh so pretty!
  • Silver Safety - No need to keep disinfecting your switches. No one can tarnish the silver infused Englaze range that stays anti-bacterial forever.
  • Indicative Illumination - Like fireflies, indicator switches illuminates with grace using long life LEDs.

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