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L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) addresses every farmer’s water irrigation needs with a range of LTLK digital products. Designed with cutting-edge technologies, the LTLK digital products help farmers monitor, control and utilize water effectively and efficiently.  

From complete protection to automatic operation, from user-friendly to ease of operation, LTLK digital products ensure protection and convenience along with safety.

The solution is very convenient to farmers who can operate pumps remotely using a mobile handset. The anti-theft protection features in the equipment alert you on a mobile handset in the event of any tampering or stealing of your pump, cable or controller. Best suited for irrigation and similar pumping applications, LTLK products are made for outdoor applications to make your life easy and farming efficient. 

MR-Gi (Digital Single Phase Controller)

The Digital single-phase controller is available in three variants: MR-Gi, MR-GiA and MR-GiB. MR-Gi is commonly known as the manual version whereas the other two are automatic versions.

MR-GiA is the automatic version with an in-built Water Level Controller (WLC) whereas MR-GiB comes without WLC. All the versions come with an automatic load setting and digital display wherein one can see important parameters such as voltage, current, etc.

Range: 0.5 HP to 3 HP (Single Phase Applications Only)

MR-Gi (Manual Version) - Features: 

Also available in WLC version: MR-GiW

  • Microcontroller Based Solution
  • Dry Run Protection
  • UV/OV Protection
  • Current, Voltage Metering
  • Start & Run Capacitor
  • Bypass mode
  • Off Timer
  • Digital Display
  • Automatic Current Setting
  • Capacitor cut-off
  • Water Tank Status Indication

MR-GiA (Automatic Version) - Features: 

Also available in W/O WLC version: MR-GiB

  • All features of Manual Version
  • Inbuilt Water Level Controller
  • Auto start capacitor switching
  • WLC bypass feature
  • Auto & Manual mode
  • Dry Run auto-reset timer
  • Power on delay
  • RTC based daily ON/OFF timer
  • Cyclic timer
  • Timer count down display
  • Timer Compensation


  • Domestic and agricultural single-phase pump application
  • Drinking water facilities, 1 Tank and 2 Tank application


M-POWER PRO is a module designed for a mobile starter. It combines two very important functions: Remote Operation (On/Off) of the pump through mobile and protection from dry run fault.

It is designed to work with any starter/controller and is convenient to install and use. Using mobile phone, farmers can monitor important parameters such as voltage, current, motor run time, motor status (On/Off), etc. They can also change the settings of overvoltage (O/V), under-voltage (U/V) and dry run protection (DRP) with ease through their mobile phone.


  • Enables the operation (Remote ON/OFF, parameter setting, monitoring and troubleshooting) of your pump through SMS, IVRS, Call and LTLK Connect Android app, thus provides the convenience in controlling the pump operation from anywhere at anytime
  • Only 3 wire connection ensures easy installation with DOL and Star Delta starters
  • Offers protection from phase loss, voltage unbalance, phase reversal, over-voltage, under-voltage and the dry run fault with individual protection Enable/Disable feature.
  • The same unit works for Three Phase DOL and Star Delta starter
  • Hour based and Network-based daily timers (4 Time slot) with time compensation
  • Up to 4 users along with 1 master can be connected for controlling your pump operation
  • Auto/Manual/Bypass mode and total run time information for your pump

Smart Controller (DOL Version):

Smart Controller is the all in one digital controller which combines the traditional function of a controller, remote switching capabilities of M-POWER PRO, short circuit protection features of MCB, dry run protection features of i-PROTECTOR and an additional feature known as anti-theft which not only protects the motor but also cable and controllers against theft.

It offers every essential feature that makes your life convenient and farming efficient.

Range: Up to 10 HP


  • In-built anti-theft protection gives an emergency alert to your mobile when someone tries to steal your pump, cable, or controller
  • Comes with Dry Run, Locked Rotor and Short Circuit protection (Inbuilt LTLK MCB)
  • Voltage and current based protection for all faults with individual protection Enable/Disable feature
  • Inbuilt hour based and Real-Time Clock based timers with time compensation feature
  • Comes with Line Voltage, Phase Current, Power Factor, Power, Energy metering and total run time information for your pump
  • Complete operation (Remote ON/OFF, parameter setting, monitoring, and troubleshooting) through SMS or LTLK Connect Mobile App or IVRS
  • Available in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi, and English languages with different language selection for individual users
  • Easy installation with factory fitted complete wiring and terminal block, need to connect only the supply and motor wires


i-protector is an intelligent device that is compatible with a single / three-phase controller or starter. It provides additional protection to the pump, controller/starter by protecting the pump from getting damaged by the unbalanced flow of current during under-voltage, over-voltage, single phasing, phase reversal, phase overload and dry run.

Available in five variants namely: i-AD, i-ADS, i-ADSM, i-VDS, i-VDSM, it is either current-based (i-AD, i-ADS, i-ADSM) or voltage-based (i-VDS, i-VDSM).

Range: Up to 40A


  • Microcontroller based protection
  • Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter in select variants (i-ADSM & i-VDSM)
  • Auto/Manual/Bypass mode available
  • Suitable for all starters – up to 40A
  • Protection available: 
    • Voltage Single Phasing
    • Current Single Phasing
    • Voltage Unbalance Fault
    • Current Unbalance Fault
    • Phase Reversal Fault
    • Under Voltage Fault
    • Over-Voltage Fault   
  • Dry Run Fault Protection (With adjustable current setting & dry run reset time)
  • With inbuilt Star Delta timer and On-Delay timer


  • Protects your starter and motor
  • Compatible with 1 phase & 3 phase starter & controller (DOL, SASD & FASD) for Agricultural pump application, up to 20 hp 



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