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Vacuum Contactor Units from L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) are three-pole contactors with electromagnetic operating mechanism for medium voltage switching applications. Applications such as neutral grounding of Generators, operations of soft starters, Reactor Capacitor switching, motor switching duties need numerous switching operations. Effective and efficient switching in such areas with high operating voltage is achieved with Vacuum Contactor Units.

The VCUs are suitable for system voltage up to 12kV and short circuit capacity up to 50kA, with HRC fuse. Our VCUs come with latched and non-latched configurations. Design, manufacturing and testing processes of VCUs meet international demands through a compliance of IEC 62271-106.


  • Fused Short circuit protection up to 50kA
  • Available in latched & non latched configurations
  • Encapsulated current carrying parts for higher safety
  • Truck mounted design similar to VCBs
  • Suitable for motor starters with numerous switching operations
  • VCU panels can be coupled with VCB panels owing to similar dimensions

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