Electrical Projects

The Project/System offering covers a wide spectrum of technologies. Our responsibility begins with early and greater involvement, right from pre-bid stage and continues right through bid revision cycles and up to final project execution.

We provide complete turnkey Electrical EPC solutions consisting of:

  • Outdoor Switchyard
  • Substations
  • Electrical Power Distribution Solutions for Process Industries, commercial establishments, data centers.
  • Integrated Building Management Systems.
  • Fire Detection & Fire fighting system.
  • Industrials HVAC Systems

This covers design, engineering, manufacturing/ procurement, shop testing, supply, transportation to site, installing, testing and commissioning of all equipment/ materials including all civil, structural & architectural works related to electrical jobs.


  • Detail design & engineering for Electrical & related Civil requirements
  • Load flow analysis & system design
  • Short circuit study
  • Relay setting and co ordination
  • Equipment sizing
  • Preparation of layouts
  • Cable design & route layouts
  • Lighting calculations
  • Earthing & Lighting calculations


  • Power transformers
  • Surge arrestors
  • Motorized type isolator with/ without earth switch
  • SF6 circuit breaker
  • Current & Potential transformers
  • Simplex type/ Duplex type relays, metering and control panels for providing all relays, meters, controls and annunciations
  • MV, LV switchboards
  • Neutral grounding resistor
  • Battery, Battery charger and DCDB
  • Carrier wave trap/PLCC equipment
  • Illumination systems
  • Earthing & Lightning systems
  • Complete cabling jobs

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