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Since 1960, L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A) has continued to be a part of the Indian farmers’ lives and the agriculture sector with its range of low voltage motor protection solutions for reliable and efficient irrigation.

E&A’s in-house designed and developed starters and controllers under the LTLK brandmark have been the top choice of farmers for managing the efficient operation of pumps while saving energy and time.

Available for three-phase and single-phase applications, LTLK controllers not just protect the motor but ensure convenience along with safety.

Built with a robust LTLK contactor, Single Phase Preventer and Dual Voltmeter & Ammeter, the LTLK controller is safe and easy to install, configure and maintain. It is easy to connect the controller with a communicable device - M-POWER+ / M-POWER PRO module - for remote operation of the pump.

Available for up to 75 HP pumps for 3 phase applications, the controllers are designed to operate agriculture motors efficiently and offer reliable protection.

The 3 phase controllers provide overload protection, protection from phase unbalance, single phasing, and phase reversal failures along with the auto-reset facility.

Features MU-G (3 Phase Controller)

  • Range : 6 HP – 75 HP
  • Easy to read Volt-Ammeter to indicate voltage and current in same meter
  • Pump supply on/off indicators
  • Suitable for a wide range of voltage – 180 V to 415V
  • Auto Restart (with variable 30 Sec - 5 Min ON delay)

Features MR-G (1 Phase Controller)

  • Range : 0.5 HP – 3 HP
  • Motor on indicator
  • Heavy-duty start & run condensers
  • Rugged MU-2P contactor with wideband voltage (140V to 264V) suitable for low voltage
  • The unique combination of dual Volt-Ammeter
  • Can be used for both domestic & agricultural applications

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