LTLK MCBs for Submersible Pumps

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Whether your pumping system is large or small, motors are important assets and hence it is crucial to safeguard them. Our LTLK MCBs with K-Curve are designed to protect your pumping system including motors, cables, and starters/controllers from short circuit faults. The functional design also improves the safety of personal during maintenance.

Available in both 2-pole and 3-pole configurations, LTLK MCBs are suitable for 3 phase as well as 1 phase applications.

The trip-free mechanism ensures maximum safety during operation. The motor is always protected even during the accidental case ‘switch on’ at the time of short circuit which is a distinct advantage over fuse. In case of a short circuit fault, there is no need to replace the fuse wire that saves cost and time and hence LTLK MCB has less maintenance and replacement cost. 

Range :

Rated Voltage : 240V / 415V AC

Breaking Capacity :

  • 10kA as per IEC 60947-2 up to 63A
  • 15kA as per IEC 60947-2 for 80A-125A

Available from 10A to 125A-3 Pole and 10A to 50A-2 Pole

LTLK MCB Features

Specially designed MCBs with K-Curve

  • Short circuit tripping band suitable for submersible pumps
  • Offers effective short circuit protection.

Distinct advantages over the rewireable fuse

  • No need of replacing “fuse wire” in case of fault
  • Simple to resume supply by switching ON MCB
  • Saving in fuse replacement time and saving in money
  • Provides overload protection & has a longer life
  • Safe to operate by any person - Touch proof terminals
  • Easy to switch ON/OFF during maintenance
  • Positive isolation indicator

Unique patented design

  • Trip free mechanism to ensure maximum safety
  • True contact indication facility for individual poles

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