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CZ Bypass Switches

Bypass Switches are designed for special application and help to maintain continuity of supply to the load in case of breakdown/maintenance of UPS or Servo stabilizer used in the circuit. These simply ‘bypass’ the UPS/ Servo stabilizer, in case it needs maintenance or in case of breakdown. The removal of the UPS/ Servo stabilizer is safe as it is now isolated from both input and output side.

Available in open version, the CZ Bypass Switches are easy to install, operate and inspect. Armored with safety features like terminal shrouds, phase barriers & door interlock, the CZ Bypass Switches are designed to battle against accidental faults and inadvertent operations. Robust construction allows to withstand higher fault currents without any deterioration.

CZ Bypass Switches are available in wide range from 125A to 630A and suitable for operational voltages upto 440Vac. The entire range is suitable for AC-23A Utilization category.

Normal Mode(Green Path): SD I and SD III are closed, SD II is open, and the load is fed through UPS or Servostabilizer

Bypass Mode(Purple Path) : SD I and SD III are open, UPS and Servo can be taken out for maintenance in this mode. SD II is closed and the load is fed directly from the supply ‘bypassing’ the UPS or Servo 

  • Time-Saving Convenient solution

No hassle of operating multiple devices for safe and positive isolation on both sides of Servo/UPS 

  • Phase Barriers

Easy to fit and long phase barriers for complete isolation between phases 

  • Suitable for Aluminum Termination

The entire range is suitable for Aluminum cable/link termination as per the size prescribed by the standards 

  • Safety interlock and padlocking

A door interlock is provided in ON position with defeat feature Also, Bypass Switch can be padlocked in OFF position; up to 3 padlocks can be fitted 

  • Mounting flexibility

Suitable for mounting in horizontal as well as vertical orientation. Also, the shaft is ‘cut-able’ and can be adjusted to suit different panel depth requirements.

  • Finger proof protection (IP30)

Terminal Shrouds provide protection against accidental contact with live terminals.

As it is swivellable, there is no need to remove during termination


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