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Triplen Harmonic Mitigation

13 May 2019

Out of all harmonic orders, those having frequencies in odd multiples of 3 have some peculiar characteristics. These need to be understood before you decide which method of harmonic mitigation is suitable for your installation.


Life of Power Capacitors

03 April 2019

A derivative of Arrhenius Equation, it is known that every 10 degree rise in temperature decreases the life of dielectric by half. Since dielectric forms the heart of a capacitor, its life depends very much on temperature.


LT vs HT Power Factor Compensation

19 December 2018

Power factor compensation can be provided either on LT or HT side of the distribution transformer. LT compensation offers a variety of benefits over HT compensation..


Harmonics & its impact on power factor

20 August 2018

Power factor correction capacitors meet the reactive power requirement of inductive loads in an electrical system and improve the power factor by reducing the lag between the voltage wave and current wave.


Understanding Current & Voltage Harmonics

22 May 2018

Harmonics in the system can cause distortion in either voltage or current. While referring to harmonics, these two types should be differentiated, since both of them have different meanings; although many times people use them interchangeably.


Harmonics Mitigation in Newspaper Industry

25 January 2018

For harmonic rich environments, where harmonic distortions are very high as against the permissible limits, Active Harmonic Filter is the most appropriate choice for bringing harmonic levels down in accordance to IEEE-519.


Harmonic Amplification & Harmonic Resonance

13 December 2017

In the previous Harmonics article we discussed the basic concepts of harmonics, its causes, its effects and ways of mitigation. In continuation and delving deeper into the topic, let us understand some other important phenomena as well.



09 November 2017

Increasing the efficiency of electrical equipment and thus saving energy and money is of prime importance in today’s world. Most of the energy efficient equipment that we use involve semiconductor devices.


Capacitor Switching in APFC Panels

18 August 2017

Capacitor switching is a critical task in APFC panels because of the high inrush current taken and voltage transients initiated by capacitors at the time of switching. The switching device should be able to withstand both inrush current and voltage transients, along with the ability to carry rated capacitor constantly.


Thermal design of APFC Panels

12 May 2017

The life of the power capacitors and other equipments in APFC panels depend very much on the operating temperature. In panels with detuned harmonic filter reactors and thyristor switches, the chances of elevated temperature are high, as these equipments generate relatively more heat.