LTLK Solar Controller for Pumping Applications

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The Solar Controller with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is designed specifically to run 3HP to 10HP Three Phase Submersible and Monoblock Pump/Motor for all applications like irrigation, water supply, farms, tank filling, industrial activities, etc.

It can run the pump even in a cloudy environment and ensure the extraction of maximum power from the PV panel. With dual supply capability, it can run on solar power as well as grid power, which ultimately saves money during daylight hours. It is equipped with short circuit protection and its robust panel ensures total protection to your pumps. The solar controller can operate at 50 deg celsius without any derating.

Range: 3 HP – 10 HP


  • Available in 2 frames
  • Remote ON/OFF, parameter setting, monitoring and\troubleshooting. Can be operated through LTLK Connect Android App for easy interface and operation through mobile (In-built GSM, GPS and GPRS)
  • Comes with a reverse polarity feature, i.e. motor will run unhindered irrespective of how the wires are connected to the panel
  • Automatic Start-Stop as per the sun-ray intensity



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