The ORIS range stands out among the many variants in the market with its quality, dependability and aesthetics. Its signature aesthetics with elegant contours, glossy marble finish and rib-less design leave only a hairline gap between the switches, making cleaning easy. Its fire retardant and impact resistant polycarbonate body add to its reliability. ORIS actually glows in the dark which means even in a dark room you will know where the switches are located.

ORIS is available in the following categories:

Modular range - Switches, Sockets, Fan Regulators, Modular Plates and Mounting Boxes.

Hospitality range - Electronic & Mechanical Key tags, Shaver Sockets and DND+MMR Units.

Standalone range - Spike guards, lamp-holders, ceiling rose and plug tops.


Key Features of ORIS:

  • ‘Intelli–I’ - smart LEDs have a life of 50,000 burning hours as against neon lamps whose life is generally 5,000 burning hours.
  • Compact module with a rib-less design ensures that more modules can be accommodated in compact wall box spaces. You can also save money by using smaller wall boxes for the same number of switches.
  • Safety and quality is assured with safety shutters in all power and data sockets, finger touch proof IP20 terminals, ISI mark on all switches and almost all sockets.
  • Guaranteed longer life - ORIS switches pass 1.5 lakh switching operations at full load under test conditions. FR grade UV stabilized polycarbonate enhances durability, fire resistance and colour stability.
  • Multiple clicks mechanism takes care of perfect installation even if the wall boxes are not installed properly inside the wall.
  • Improved pattern of terminations for ease of installation.

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