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Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panels ensure consistently high power factor under fluctuating load conditions without any manual intervention. In addition, the occurrence of leading power factor is prevented. They continuously sense and monitor the load condition, automatically switch ON and OFF relevant capacitor and protect against any electrical faults in a manner that will ensure safe isolation of the power factor correction equipment.


  • Pre-selected optimal number of steps and step sizes, for better step resolution and hunt free capacitor switching
  • Ideal switchgear selection for reliable short circuit protection, without nuisance tripping
  • Right capacitor-reactor combination selection to prevent harmonic amplification and resonance
  • Option of capacitor duty contactor or thyristor switch for transient free switching
  • Panels with better electrical, mechanical and thermal design for longer life of capacitors and other components
  • Panels are with advanced microcontroller based APFC relay that offers reliable switching operation