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Motion systems are guided by efficient command, signal and control mechanism. We offer the perfect solution for the optimal performance of Drives and their applications in a variety of industrial activities.  

Our M5 series is a complete family of Servo Drives and Motor, packed with advanced control technologies that provide complete motion solution for machine automation.

The high-performance, precision, torque and speed control Drives meet the requirements for general-purpose machine control applications and diverse industrial applications such as robotics, packaging, bottling etc. across various industrial applications and enhance the competitive advantage of Servo systems. The M5 series Servo system boasts industry-leading level performance. The high-speed, high-precision capabilities of M5 Series Servo help to increase the productivity of your machines.

M5 Servo series comes with high speed, incredible performance, smart and convenient features and provides functions such as backup, network diagnosis, monitoring and focuses on improving efficiency. The Servo system controller performs various types of motion control including positioning, synchronous, cam, speed, and torque control.

M5 Series Drive comes with built-in EtherCAT interface which supports 100BASE-TX(100Mbps) Ethernet based real-time communication, Interoperability, Precise synchronization mechanism, freely settable process data length and mapping, Standard RJ45 connector and cabling.

  • Wide Range: 0.1kW to 15kW
  • Control : Pulse/Analog or Network (EtherCAT)
  • Conformal Coating, IP65, Other Options available : Oil Seal, Brake
  • STO Mode (In Network Type Only)
  • Embedded Position Controls: Up to 64 Index Tables allows Position Control through I/O combination / table configuration
  • Built-in EtherCAT Interface
    • 100BASE-TX (100Mbps) Ethernet based communication
    • High speed, real-time capability and precise synchronization mechanism
    • 100m between nodes (2 x RJ45 connector)
  • High speed position capture function (Touch Probe1, Touch Probe2)
  • Modbus RTU Protocol: (RS-422, 2 x RJ45 connector), Parameter management through HMI
  • Easy to Use
    • PC Tool for configuration, tuning and debugging
    • Easy gain tuning with automatic inertia estimating function
    • Rotary switch to configure the Drive node address
  • Intelligent Control
    • Notch Filter for resonance suppression
    • 4-step notch filter
    • 2-step vibration suppression filter at the load position
    • FFT function for real-time frequency analysis
  • CE Certified

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