Three Phase LTCT Meter

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Three Phase LTCT Meter – ER300P

The 3 Phase CT Operated Trivector Meter is designed for metering of LT consumers and for feeders. The meter has advanced data and tamper recording capabilities and is provided with communication ports.

The software is available for data collection, load survey analysis and energy management applications. The meter can be interfaced with a variety of communication devices.

Salient features

  • Class 0.5s as per relevant IS and IEC Standards
  • 5A current rating
  • 3 Phase 4 Wire
  • 4 Quadrant Measurement
  • Anti-tamper features
  • Self-diagnostic capability
  • Multiple tariff / Time of day feature
  • Bidirectional Energy recording
  • Up to 4 Maximum Demand registers
  • Load Survey (Interval Data) features
  • Up to 12 reset backups
  • Optical port/RS 232 / RS 485 / IR / IrDA / RF (2.4 GHz/865-867 MHz) (optional)