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Multiple Applications, One Solution - CZ Switch Disconnectors 

E&A offers a wide range of Switch-Disconnectors for various isolation applications like Power Distribution, Solar Power Plants, and local ON/OFF control for machines & motors, to name a few. These high-performing switch disconnectors are available in both open and ready-to-use SS enclosure versions. The CZ Switch Disconnectors are easy to install, operate and inspect.

Armored with safety features like terminal shrouds, phase barriers &  door interlock, the CZ Switch Disconnectors are designed to battle against accidental faults and inadvertent operations.

Robust construction allows withstanding higher fault currents without any


Different Operational Voltages For Different Needs

CZ family of Switch Disconnectors has a dedicated range for different voltages (up to 800V AC, 1000V DC, 1500V DC). While power distribution normally requires 415V ac rated SDs, other applications like metal furnaces require 690V ac SDs. Also, 800 Vac and 1500 Vdc SDs are common requirements in Solar applications.

  • Compact 2P, 3P & 4P configurations
  • 1250Vac Insulation Voltage
  • AC-23A @ 690Vac without derating Suitable for 50⁰C ambient temperature
  • Direct termination without the need for any extended links
    Extra assurance with visible contact system High electrical and mechanical life (double the requirement in IS/IEC standards)
  • Terminal shrouds and phase barriers are provided as a standard offering along with the product
  • Higher ground clearance ensures safety at all times

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