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Our range covers Timers, Time Switches, Supply Monitors and Hour Meters and Counters.

Timers and supply monitoring devices find their use in a wide variety of applications in the industry. L&T Electrical & Automation’s reliable Timing devices and Supply monitors from GIC over the past four decades have provided the best solutions to its customers.

Time Switches are used for fixed time daily / weekly applications. They are ideal for lighting applications and also used to control air-conditioners / coolers, geysers, conveyers, pumps and exhaust fans etc.

Timers are used to control processing times in a wide range of applications which includes star to delta changeover operations in Motor control / Starter panels, elevators, conveyor belt sequences, air conditioning systems, warning light systems etc.

The supply monitors ensure reliable detection of phase parameters such as phase loss, phase sequence and phase unbalance in all three-phase networks. They find application in HVAC, welding machines, elevators and cranes, etc.

The Current Monitoring Relay provides monitoring and protection of loads against overload, under load, phase loss, phase asymmetry and phase sequence faults. Their applications include all motor and pump protection panels with single phase and three phase supply.

The Earth Leakage Relay monitors, detects and protects power systems from earth leakage faults with wide selectable range of 30 mA to 30 A. They are widely used in mines and in gensets.