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Our wide range of power contactors is available in single pole, two pole, three pole and four pole configurations. Current rating in each configuration ensures that customer requirement is satisfied. Solutions are available for every application like motor starter, agriculture pumps, genset applications, street lighting and switching to alternate source of supply, DC application. Our contactors are as per IS/IEC 60947-4-1.

Our range of power contactors include:-

MO three pole contactors

  • Rating: 9A to 110A AC-3 duty
  • Compact Dimensions: Space saving
  • DIN Rail mounting up to 110A
  • Box clamp termination and terminal shrouds for power terminals
  • Lug less termination
  • Low VA consumption
  • RoHS compliant

MNX three pole contactors

  • Rating: 9A to 650A AC-3 duty
  • Entire range is UL Listed
  • Easy inspection and replacement of coils and contacts
  • Alpha-numeric terminal markings
  • Front ON/OFF indication
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • CE Marked and CSA approved
  • Operating band from 65 % to 120% up to 32 A

ML three pole contactors

  • Rating: 25A to 300A AC-3 duty
  • Easy inspection and replacement of coils and contacts
  • Alpha-numeric terminal markings
  • Robust Design suitable for tropical conditions

MX (Mini) Power Contactors

  • Rating: 6A to 12A AC-3 duty
  • Enclosed construction for compactness and convenience
  • AC & DC coil available
  • Base as well as DIN rail mounting facility
  • Built in surge suppressor for DC coil contactors
  • Low VA consumption

MDX DC coil three pole contactors

  • Permanent magnet coil technology
  • Compact size
  • Low VA consumption
  • Wide operating band
  • Complete range suitable for DIN rail mounting
  • IP20 connection security
  • Snap On Installation
  • Four terminal coil
  • Built-in Surge Suppressor for contactors rated from 9A – 38A

MCX four pole contactors

  • Ratings: 16 A to 800 A AC-1 duty
  • Suitable for supply changeover and genset applications
  • Available in five frame sizes and nineteen current ratings
  • Alpha-numeric terminal marking
  • Wide operating band up to 100 A AC-1

MU-2P two pole contactors

  • True 2 Pole contactor with Neutral Isolation
  • Suitable for single phase pump and motor applications
  • Suitable for low voltage condition
  • High temperature withstand capability
  • Protection of coil from humid environment
  • Available with wide band coil