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Rapid industrialization and urbanization are leading to the ever-rising demand for reliable electricity. An automatic Transfer Switch is a device that automatically switches from ‘main supply’ to ‘back-up supply’ upon the occurrence of pre-set conditions such as failure of supply, voltage level beyond set limits and so on.

E&A’s Enclosed Automatic Transfer Switch is a completely pre-wired and pre-programmed solution with an inbuilt AuXC-2000 controllerWhat’s more is that the complete ensemble is mounted in a smart engineered SS enclosure providing a ready, convenient-to-use Automatic Source Transfer Solution

Automatic Solution | Pre-wired |Flexible Settings

Range: 415 Vac, 125A to 630A

How does an auto transfer switch work?

Enclosed ATS is equipped with a smart, intelligent AuxC2000 controller which keeps monitoring the incoming power supplies. In case of any abnormality observed in the ‘normal’ power supply, it transfers the load to the available to back–up power source after a pre-set time delay. When the utility power supply resumes, the controller checks the healthiness of the same for a set time delay and then transfers the load to a normal power source. This gives the user a seamless and smooth automatic power supply transfer experience.

In case of any emergency, manually operating the Enclosed ATS is very convenient as one needs to simply de-latch the operating handle from the side of the enclosure and insert it in the slot provided. Once the handle is inserted, the transfer device is disconnected from the ‘Automatic’ circuit and thus is safe to operate.


  • Priority Source Selection
  • Adjustable Time Delay(0.1 sec to 3 hours)
  • Suitable for 3-phase as well as 1-phase sources


  • Double-break contact system offering high short-time withstand (Icw)
  • High mechanical & electrical life: Double a requirement in IS/IEC standards
  • Suitable for Aluminum termination


  • Protections: UV/OV, Phase Sequence, Single Phasing, Frequency
  • Authorized Access Control through Password Protection
  • Inbuilt Terminal Shrouds, Phase Barriers & Source Separators


  • Ample space for cable termination, no need for separate cable gland box
  • Ease of Generator ON-OFF Control
  • Cyclic event logger: Logs 100 events

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