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The rising demand for carbon-free electricity is accelerating the growth of the solar power industry. Be it residential, commercial, and/or utility, the reliability and efficiency of solar PV Plant is critical to the generation of affordable and sustainable energy.

Harnessing the nature-bestowed power of the sun for clean electricity requires the deployment of electrical and automation technologies in the Solar PV generation for ensuring continuous operation, higher reliability and return on investments.

With more than six decades of experience in designing efficient electrical distribution solutions, E&A is the most reliable partner for Low Voltage (LV) & Medium Voltage (MV) products for solar PV plants.

Our solar product range comprises AC switchgear solutions up to 800V AC and  DC switchgear solutions up to 1500V DC which enable solar plant owners to optimize energy generation and comply fully with local grids

For string inverter-based solar PV plants, our 800 V AC product range includes FGS/CZ Isolators, DZ MCCB, Omega ACB, SPD, Busbar Trunking, MV VCB.

For centralised Inverter-based PV Plants,  our 1500V DC product range includes DC MCCB, DC Isolator/LBS (FGS & CZ),Exora DC – MCB (Residential Rooftop System).

For Metering and protection requirements, we offer Tariff Meter, Control Relays.

We at L&T Electrical & Automation are committed to tapping this non-conventional resource to promote green energy. A complete superior range of 800VAC & 1500VDC products is specially designed for solar applications to ensure better control, monitoring and protection of electrical assets in any solar plant.


Widest Offering for Solar PV Plants.

FGS/CZ Isolators –

  • Current ratings 63A to 630A
  • Operating voltage 800Vac & Insulation voltage 1250Vac
  • Utilization Category: AC 21B
  • Variants: Extended ROM & Direct ROM
  • Conforms to IEC 60947-3, IS /IEC 60947-3, EN 60947-3


  • Current ratings: 125A to 800A
  • 3P/4P
  • Operating voltage 800V AC & Insulation voltage 1250V .
  • Ultimate and service breaking capacity upto 50KA
  • Double break high breaking capacity contact system
  • Double insulation
  • Positive isolation
  • RoHS compliant
  • 6 cavities in the MCCB for a variety of accessories
    • Auxiliary contacts
    • Trip Alarm Contact
    • Under-voltage release
    • Shunt release
  • MCCBs for Switch Disconnector
  • Conforms to IS 60947-2, IEC 60947-2 and EN 60947-2

Omega ACB

  • Current ratings: 1000 to 5000A
  • Operating voltage 800V AC & Insulation voltage 1250V
  • This Range of ACBs available in N08 Version therefore it offers Icu=Ics=Icw (1Sec) = 50kA
  • This range of ACBs maintains the same dimension and accessories as the standard 690V AC range.
  • This range of ACBs is available with LSI and LSING Protections through the following Microprocessor Releases –
  • 0 - LSI Protection
  • MTX1G - LSING Protection
  • 5G - LSING Protection with Current Metering
  • 5 & Above - LSING Protection with Current Metering & optional Communication (Please contact Our Sales Office for details about available Protection & Features).


  • Type 2
  • Operating voltage 800Vac
  • Maximum operating voltage 1500Vac
  • Maximum discharge current 40KA
  • Pluggable module for each phase
  • Easy replacement of individual phase cartridges
  • Remote signaling that Indicates SPD is OK and Indicate disconnection on account of a surge
  • Type 2 1P+N in one module
  • Type 2 3P+N in two modules

Busbar Trunking Al/Cu

  • Range (A): Al-250 to 5000; Cu-400 to 6300
  • Rated Voltage (V): Up to 1000
  • Insulation Voltage (V): 1100
  • Configuration: 3Phase 3Wire
  • Degree of Protection: IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66
  • Insulation: Class-F, UL certified, RoHS compliant multilayer PET insulation
  • Joint Block: Maintenance-free nut with twin headed design

Digit Panel Meter

  • Accuracy Class 0.5S as per IEC 62053-22
  • True RMS measurement
  • THD for Voltage and Current
  • Password protection provision for security
  • Site selectable for 3 Phase 4 Wire, 3 Phase 3 Wire, 1 Phase


  • Complies with IEC 62271-100, 62271-102 and 62271-200
  • True close door operation as per IEC standard
  • Metal clad, fully compartmentalized panel
  • Fully type tested at renowned STL laboratories
  • Safety Shutters with the individual padlocking facility are available

Tariff Meter

  • Three Phase: LTCT, HTCT, ABT Meters
  • Current rating 5-30A & 10-60A
  • Class 1 accuracy as per IS13779
  • Bi-directional energy recording available
  • Wide range of communication options - Optical/ RS 232/RF (optional) / DLMS (Optional)
  • Fully static & compact in size with a bright LCD
  • The display consists of auto-scrolling, manual scrolling (6+0 digit), battery mode & high-resolution mode (2+4 digits)
  • Forward energy recording irrespective of the current direction

MRP11 Reverse Power Relay

  • Easy setting through front panel DIP Switches
  • LED indication for power ON and trip status
  • Test feature- helps in better maintenance
  • Microcontroller based design


  • DZ1 range: 100 to 160A, upto 1000 V DC, 3P/4P
  • DZ6 range: 250 to 400A, upto 1500 V DC, 3P/4P
  • Release type: Ambient Temperature Compensated Thermal Magnetic Release
  • Breaking capacity: Icu = Ics = 50kA at 1000 V DC and Icu = Ics = 25kA at 1500 V DC
  • Conforms to IS 60947-2, IEC 60947-2 and EN 60947-2
  • Suitable for positive isolation
  • RoHS compliant

PV-DC FGS/CZ Switch-Disconnector

  • Ratings : 32 to 630A, upto 1500 V DC, 2P/3P/4P
  • Utilization Category : DC 21B
  • Variants : Extended ROM & Direct ROM
  • Conforms to IEC 60947-3, IS /IEC 60947-3, EN 60947-3
  • Suitable for positive isolation

DC Exora MCB

  • Ratings: 0.5 to 40A,10kA, upto 500V DC,2P
  • Conforms to IEC 60947-2 & IEC60898-1
  • RoHS compliant

Superior Safety for complete peace of mind:

  • Products are specially designed for 800V solar applications.
  • Insulation voltage of 1250V to protect against momentary overvoltages caused by AC and DC grounding.
  • Products with Ics (Service breaking capacity) value 50KA gives the flexibility of to design different block sizes and further to optimize the impedance of the transformer.
  • Temperature compensated thermal-magnetic MCCBs to ensure uniform trip time irrespective to variations in actual ambient temperature.
  • Extensive mechanical & electrical endurance Life meeting to meet the application requirement.
  • ACB suitable for aluminum termination and up to ingress protection of IP55.

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