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Motors play an important role in any industry and impact plant’s efficiency and energy consumption. It is, therefore, vital to protect your motor installations. Different motor installations require different types of protection. At L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A), we understand the need of the industry and offer an Intelligent Motor Management Relay (iMMR) for reliable protection, control and monitoring of electrical motors.

Designed for use in the Intelligent motor control center, iMMR helps you to run your operation with reliable and effective protection against current/voltage variation, overload and earth fault.

The iMMR provides detailed information about operational and diagnostic data in real-time that allows you to take corrective actions and avoid unexpected production downtime, losses and breakdowns.

The compact design with built-in pre-programmed starter logic reduces manufacturing and commissioning time.

iMMR suite software is available for easy and effective configuration, operation and diagnosis of the iMMR.

Complex gate logic building is quite easy with the help of this iMMR suite software.

Salient Features of iMMR


  • Current or Current + Voltage based relay
  • Comprehensive Current based or Current + Voltage based protections
  • Overload with thermal memory-based on IEC 60947
  • Earth fault protection based on inbuilt residual current
  • Optional sensitive Earth fault with the help of external CBCT and an EF module
  • Locked and Stall rotor protection
  • Inbuilt over current and short circuit protection for better relay coordination


  • 4 DI + 3 DO available to take care of DOL, Star-Delta, RDOL and other Starters
  • Comprehensive motor protection and control features like reacceleration and anti-Black spin
  • Modbus and Profibus DP Communication protocol for seamless integration with PLC/DCS/ SCADA


  • Real-time monitoring, recording and service/diagnostic data
  • 20 nos. of last trip records, 100 event records and IRF (Internal Relay Failure) records
  • Advanced fault detection and warning - Detects faults before they strike - Reduces factory downtime

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